Adolescent Therapy

adolescent therapy

Adolescence can be a difficult life stage. Most parents complain of moodiness, stubbornness, disrespect of others and themselves, fits of anger, depression, aggression, the list can go on. If your teen is having difficulty in home or at school it may be time to ask for help. 

Statistically, teens get the majority of their information about how to cope in life from their peers, not their parents or another adult. This can lead to drug and alcohol abuse, suicide, and truancy. 

Establishing a trusting, nonjudgemental relationship with a counselor can facilitate future trust in other adults and their parents. 

Please call or email if your teen is having trouble with: anger, depression, feelings of hopelessness/helplessness, bullying (either the victim or the perpetrator), sexual promiscuity, moodiness, or aggression, to name a few.

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